About Us

NerdPhone is a feature-rich, customer service-oriented communication service provider, proudly servicing all business industries across the United States. Because all of our services are internet-based, you have the flexibility to utilize the system to communicate when, where, and how your business demands. Couple all that with friendly, personable, and accessible customer service, and you can’t go wrong with NerdPhone. Ask us about using the business service on your personal cell phone, texting with the business number, recording calls, extensive reporting, training options – and SO MUCH MORE!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Award Winning Support

100% U.S.-based, friendly, personable, and accessible staff ready, willing, and able to help with all your Nerdphone needs.

No Contracts!

That's right...NO CONTRACTS! That means that if you decide to hire new employees you can add a phone to your system without extending a contract and if an employee quits you can disable their phone and no longer have to pay for that user.