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With NerdPhone, the entire internet becomes your phone system; Allowing you to work from just about anywhere.

A Phone System As Flexible As Your Business

At NerdPhone not only do we strive to provide the best cloud phone system with the best support available, but we also have some unique advantages over our competition.

We are always innovating, but we have the basics covered too!

The core system you get when you sign up for NerdPhone VoIP service is as feature rich as any of our competitors.

Referral-O-Rama – Get a credit for your referrals! A monthly, recurring credit is added for each referral.

Extensive APIs – for integrating with your web or mobile app.

Work with Friendly Nerds! – When it comes to making your VoIP system work the way you want, we work really hard.

Elastic System – connect disparate systems together. Share presence and call routing.

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Plans & Pricing

* Fees for TCR brand / campaign registration are passed through as required. Texting through integrations require additional service plan addon, contact us for details


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Award Winning Support

100% U.S.-based, friendly, personable, and accessible staff ready, willing, and able to help with all your Nerdphone needs.

No Contracts!

That's right...NO CONTRACTS! That means that if you decide to hire new employees you can add a phone to your system without extending a contract and if an employee quits you can disable their phone and no longer have to pay for that user.

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